Getting the utmost from life coaching

To create value from life coaching, the client needs to make space for it in their life. Set aside time and set aside current projects and distractions, in order to focus on your scheduled session.

Coaching is more likely to reap the rewards you are looking for when you are brave, candid and even outspoken. Be willing to tell your coach everything, nothing is too small or large. If your coach ends up knowing more about you than almost anybody else, that is usually a desirable outcome. Be ready to brainstorm, be candid if you experience difficulties in the coaching process, be prepared to communicate your feelings fully in your safe, confidential environment.

Own the coaching, giving your life coach the opportunity to assist you to create your own ideas for solving problems, inventing your own strategies for reaching your goals. One of the main uses of coaching is to trigger your enthusiasm and unleash your personal brilliance. This is more likely to happen when you take responsibility for your choices.

Effective life coaching reinforces the cycle of discovery, intention and action. Following through on your intentions will probably reveal new insights that, again, you can translate into intentions and action. Each time you move through this cycle of discovery – intention – action, you create new value and new outcomes in life.

In daily life, we can all be guilty of forgetting to lift our eyes to the horizon, to the long term, comprehensive vision of what ultimately we want, the big picture. Often in life, we get lost in the details of daily to-do lists, we see the trees not the forest, the most urgent tasks instead of the most valuable ones. By meeting with a life coach, you can prevent this outcome. Use your life coach as your dream-catcher and goal magnet. Speak your short-term and long-term goals. Speak your life purpose, your dreams and your passions. With your life coach you can create a life plan – a detailed long-term vision of what you want to have, do, and be for the rest of your life. Ask your coach to write down your dreams, keep them in his consciousness and keep bringing you back to them.Then fulfil those dreams by taking action.

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