“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans] Novelist, Editor

Life Coaching is, fundamentally, an opportunity to invest in yourself. The investment, discovery and effort that you make today can change your life for the better, forever. Investing in your life in the now is the only opportunity you will ever have to make tangible changes for the better. If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Coaching is not expensive if you look at it as an investment in creating a better life for yourself – and the dividends are the benefits. Why wouldn’t you invest some money in yourself, which can create lasting change in your life?

Working with a life coach is a valuable rewarding experience.

When things go wrong in our lives, we will pay good money to doctors and lawyers to correct an ‘after the event’ situation. Why not invest in life coaching as a way to improve how you feel about life – while things are going right?

A life coach consistently communicates in a way that draws forth the client’s genius and creativity. Clients, by staying in the inquiry, will generate a long list of great solutions and alternatives.

Life coaching empowers the client to invent something new – to generate their own answers and solutions.

Clients expand their sense of what it is possible to do, to be and to have, during their lifetime. Often, people do not subscribe to the principle that they can create a life filled with joy, intimacy, pleasure, health and financial well-being. The prospect of a life that perfect can make them feel guilty. However, life coaching can be the voice for a wonderful life and possibilities. When we coach clients over the long term, we often help them win the lottery of life and create value for the people and projects they love.

In my experience, clients who have been released from negative emotions, addictions, trauma, fears and phobias, benefit from life coaching to move forward with their new behaviour. It is a welcome void when they are finally released from their limiting conditions, but there is still a huge learning curve to re-adapt and realise their full potential, growth and development.

Life coaches do more than listen to people – we listen on their behalf. We listen for what might be dormant or hidden; we listen for evidence of positive qualities that our clients may not have distinguished in themselves.

When life coaches listen for people in this way, these positive qualities rise to the surface and manifest more frequently and more powerfully.

Who do I coach?

  • I coach the most amazingly brilliant men and women .
  • I coach men and women who are tired of being unhappy,unfulfilled , tired of hating themselves, tired of being married to the wrong person.
  • I coach people who believe there is a better way to live life than drinking a bottle of wine every night.
  • I coach women who give to everyone but themselves in the hope that someone will approve of them and love them, everyone but themselves.
  • I coach people who think they are a victim. Being victimised and taking on the role of victim are very different.
  • I coach doctors, lawyers, QCs, PhD students, Oxford/Cambridge graduates and I coach clients who didn’t finish school.
  • I coach people desperate and in despair and holding on by a thread with only a glimmer of hope.
  • I coach people who make lots of money and feel awful and clients who make no money and feel awful.
  • I coach anyone who is willing to find a way to feel better.

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